Remember that to worship the Lord through dance, you don’t need to be a professional. What is most important is our heart and attitude, as dance is the expression of praise to God. His Holy Spirit will guide each one of us as we dance for His glory.

These videos below will enhance your worship dance by adding to your “tool box” of dance skills!

“Basic Ballet Skills”

Learn the basic skills of ballet! In this video series, we will learn to do basic movements of ballet like the positions of the feet, tendus, and plies! Click on the button below to view this series!

Other fundamentals

Maintaining a proper posture is fundamental! Click below to find videos and tips to help you maintain proper Ballet posture!

How to tiptoe in ballet! Tiptoeing the right way will help you as you dance, especially with your balance!

How to “turn out” properly in ballet.

Turns in Ballet

Learn how to do different turns in ballet!

Jumps in Ballet

Learn how to perform different jumps in ballet!

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